This Western Africa country, washed by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, is often associated with the spirit of Arabic East. For the last years Morocco has become a fairly popular destination for everyone who is in for comfortable beach vacations and curious if somewhat exotic tours.

The main beach resort is Agadir situated on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. Recently, in the environs of Agadir there have been built many comfortable hotels.

To feel the colour of ancient Magrib, you should go to Marrakesh. The city has a lot of historical sites. And in the evening you must visit Djema el Fna Square where you`d like to spend the entire night or at least most part of the evening. The medina (Old Town surrounded by walls) of Marrakesh is one of the largest in Morocco. There you can see the appearance of medieval Arabic cities.

Sometimes you can be offered to visit all so-called imperial cities, which have once been the capitals of Morocco, - Fez, Rabat, Meknes, and Marrakesh. However, medinas (Old Towns) of this cities are fairly similar (and besides, most of them are rather dirty), so, if you haven’t too much time, Marrakesh would be quite enough.

Probably, the most interesting site of Morocco, which you could never forget, is the dunes of Sahara around Merzuga. You could just imagine several hour trip astride a camel over this great desert. The only problem is that Merzuga is very far from the primary tourist centers, such as Agadir and Marrakesh (600-800 km.), therefore, such trip is a real adventure.

Also, you should spare at least a day to visit Es Sueira (former Mogador). The city was built by the Portugueses and its Old Town preserved the atmosphere of late Middle Ages, the time of new geographical discoveries.

Northern regions of Morocco are less visited by tourists. There are mainly large industrial cities or ports. Recently, in Casablanca, which is the largest city of the country, there has been built a mosque with the world`s highest minaret. Tanger is a common sea port, having no special tourist attractions, so in Spain they often offer trips just to this city. Though, you can feel the spirit of the East almost in every city of Morocco.