Mount Camel is located three kilometers away from the village of Shiryaevo. It is a rocky ledge on the Bank of the Volga. Previously, this stone ridge was called Goat Horns, but the excavation works of limestone significantly damaged these rocks. 

Inside the mine tunnels of mount Camel, as well as in Popova mountain near the village of Shiryaevo, in the first half of the 20th century, there was active excavation works of limestone and dolomites stones. All work was ended in 1955. After that, the mine galleries were abandoned and turned into a tourist attraction. 

Mount Camel has a rocky structure that is very convenient for mountaineering. That is why in the summer there are always a lot of tents where climbers and tourists live. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy magnificent views of the rocky terrain around mount Camel, as well as the Tip Tyav Mountain on the opposite side of the Volga. 

A enter to the mount Camel by car is paid. You should buy a ticket in the village of Shiryaevo, and after have to go another four kilometers to the mountain. The road to the mountain is really bad. By car, it can be used in dry weather only. Sometimes it is easier to walk there. The availability of a ticket can be checked near the mountain, and in case of its absence, a fine is issued.