On the road from the Dam to the village of Shiryaevo is located Strelnaya mountain. It is one of the highest peaks of the Zhiguli mountains. Its height is 351 meters above sea level. The highest mountain is the Observer (375 m), but it is not equipped for visiting. To the top of Strelnaya visitors can use a convenient ascent with stairs. 

It is believed that the name of the mountain Strelnaya received from the expression Shoot look. As well as on Molodetsky Kurgan in the period of the runaway Cossacks of Stepan Razin on the mountain was occupied by the robbers. From the mountain, they watched the river, "shooting eyes." When they saw the ship, the robbers let their comrades, who had settled on the island of Seredysh (under the mountain of Strelna), know that they were ready to attack. 

At the top of the mountain, there are two viewing platforms, which offer very beautiful views of the nature of the Zhiguli mountains. There are areas of stony steppe, low-growing twisted trees, and at the bottom of the huge riverbed of the Volga. On the way to the top, you need to stop at a small rock called the Devil`s bridge.

You can go to Strelnaya mountain by turning right in the village of Zolnoye. Entrance to the mountain is paid, and the visit time is limited.