The main monument on the Mound Height, where the Raevsky battery was located, was installed in 1839. A small house was built next to it, where veterans of the war with Napoleon lived. They were keepers of the relics of the Russian army and guides on the Borodino field. Later, the Museum of the battle of Borodino was created on this site.

In 1912, a new building of the Museum was built according to the project of the architect Voeykov. It is built in the tradition of Russian manor houses with a mezzanine and neoclassical portico. It contains finds from the Borodino field. It is very interesting to see the uniforms of Russian soldiers of various divisions. The most valuable relics are the banners and standards of various regiments that participated in the battle of Borodino. There are personal belongings of Alexander I, Kutuzov, Napoleon, as well as participants of the battle of Borodino. In the Museum you can see many portraits of the heroes of the battle of Borodino.

In the center of the main hall is a large layout that shows how the Russian and French troops were positioned on the battlefield. Then, after leaving the Museum, you can imagine all this in full size. Directly in front of the Museum is the battery of Raevsky, and in the distance Utritsky mound, where the main events of the battle of Borodino unfolded.

In front of the Museum you can see the barrels of captured French guns, which were cast in different countries of Europe in the 18-19 centuries. There are also busts of three commanders of the Russian army: Mikhail Kutuzov, Peter Bagration and Mikhail Barclay de Tolly.