The town of Nevyansk was founded in 1701 by a decree of Peter I, when the Demidov began to build an ironwork there. Today it is a small district center located 80 kilometers north of Yekaterinburg. The Leaning Tower is the main attraction of the town. It is near the Transfiguration Cathedral and the local History and Architecture Museum.

All tourist attractions of Nevyansk are very compactly located near the dam of the former ironwork. Unfortunately, the ironwork itself and the house of Demidov have not survived but the famous Leaning Tower stands very firmly, despite the vertical deviation of 1,85 meters. 

The Leaning Tower is the first stone building Nikita Demidov erected in the center of the ironwork in 1721. Now it houses a museum and an observation deck offering very beautiful views of the cathedral and the environs. 

The wooden Transfiguration Church near the dam was built in 1710, and in 1824 there was started the construction of a classic style stone cathedral. Now it is one of the largest churches in the Urals. The cathedral has faience iconostasis. 

Nevyansk History and Architecture Museum is in the building of the former power plant of the ironwork near the Leaning Tower. There you can see very interesting expositions devoted to the Demidov dynasty, as well as the development of mining in Nevyansk and the surrounding towns of the Urals. 

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Demidov Leaning tower in Nevyansk on the territory of the first metallurgical plant in the Urals
The angle of inclination of the Nevyansk Demidov tower is 3 degrees (2 meters)
On the upper tiers of the Nevyansk Demidov tower, the architects leveled the slope of the tower
Mechanism of the Nevyansk tower clock. Construction of the tower cost 4 thd rubles, and Demidov paid 5 thd rubles for the watch in England
The Transfiguration Cathedral in Nevyansk was built in 1824 on the site of a wooden Church built by Demidov in 1710
The Historical Museum of Nevyansk is located in the building of the former powerhouse of the Demidov iron works factory
Painting in the historical Museum of Nevyansk how the town looked liked in Nikita Demidov time
Nikita Demidov`s metallurgical furnace and plant in Nevyansk, in the historical Museum of Nevyansk
View of the Nevyansk reservoir from the upper tier of the Leaning Demidov tower
Exhibition of the Nevyansk tower Museum dedicated to the Demidovs and the development of metallurgy in the Urals
View of the ruins of the Nevyansk metallurgical plant of Demidov from the observation deck of the Leaning tower
The Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Nevyansk is one of the largest in the Urals
The Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of Nevyansk is located next to the Leaning Demidov tower
View of the Transfiguration Cathedral of Nevyansk from the observation deck of the Leaning Demidov tower
The height of the bell tower of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Nevyansk reaches 64 meters. It is higher than the Leaning Tower (57 m)
Exhibits of the Nevyansk historical Museum on the history of the metallurgical industry in the Urals, in the Demidovs` possessions
Plan of Nikita Demidov`s Iron works in the early 18th century, in the Historical Museum of Nevyansk
Original exhibits from Nikita Demidov`s iron works in the Historical Museum of Nevyansk