With the foundation of the monastery on the hill there arose the necessity in the appropriate support infrastructure, which resulted in the appearance of the Lower New Athos Waterfall. The waterfall is at the foot of the hill near the Church of Simon the Cananaean.

Before it was a swampy area round the Psyrtskha river. In 1882, immediately after the foundation of the New Athos Monastery, there was constructed a dam (8 meters high and 21 meters long). Under the dam there were outfitted big spaces, which were used as a kind of cold stores. On the dam of the New Athos waterfall there were built a mill and bakery, and near it а brick factory, a sawmill and a laundry. Unfortunately, neither of these buildings survived to our days.

In 1902 at this dame there was constructed one of the first hydroelectric power stations in the tsarist Russia. The monks took an active part in the construction of the hydroelectric power stations. In the Soviet times such small GESs became inefficient, especially after the launch of giant GESs on the Volga river.

The GES on the New Athos waterfall was in the half-ruined condition for over 100 years, but in 2010 it was decided to restore it. In 2012 there took place the opening ceremony, and after that it was given to the New Athos Monastery of Simon the Cananaean.