Ritsa National Park in Abkhazia

The road of the Ritsa National Park leading from the shore of the sea to the lake is very picturesque. It branches off from the Primorskoye highway near the resort of Pitsunda and then runs 40 kilometers along the river Bzyb.

Along the canyon of the river Bzyb one can see numerous stops located in the most picturesque places of the Ritsa National Park. There are located the apiaries where one can buy excellent mountain honey. In two places the river Bzyb is spanned by suspension wooden bridges. Each of the bridges is picturesque in its own way – one of them is laid with cypress boards, and the other one is all tied with coloured ribbons following the Tibetian tradition.

The Blue Lake may be considered an interesting place of the Ritsa National Park, being a stop of all excursion buses. The lake itself is not big, with an area of only 180 m2. But in spite of its small size the Blue Lake is fairly deep (76 m), and its water is very limpid. The bottom of the Blue Lake is covered with the deposits of lazurite, and for this reason the water has a deep blue colour. 

Beyond the Blue Lake the river Bzyb winds between the lofty rocks. The next stop will be the Yupsharsky canyon. At this point the rocks of the canyon come close to each other over the road, and it is for this reason the Yupsharsky canyon was given its second name – the stone cul-de-sac. Nearby is another attraction, the Male Tears waterfall, the favorite place of all men for taking snapshots.

If you buy a jeep excursion, you will able to go as far as the Gegsky (Circussian) waterfall. It is 4 kilometers from the main asphalt road running along the canyon of the river Bzyb at the Ritsa National Park. The road to the Gegsky (Circussian) waterfall climbs up a mountain serpentine, which can not be negotiated by a regular motor-car. The height of the Gegsky (Circussian) waterfall is about 70 meters, and it is there that the scene where Sherlock Holmes is fighting with the Doctor Moriarty was shot.

Several kilometers before the Lake Ritsa the road goes up a steep serpentine. From the small spots, which can accommodate only one motor-car, one can have the most beautiful views on the Caucasus mountains overgrown with pines and silver firs.