At present the October Narzan Baths are the main place to take narzan and radon baths. Actually, it was the only medical center outside sanatoriums, after the Main Narzan Baths had been closed.

The building of the October Narzan Baths was designed in the style of Soviet constructivism by the architect Pavel Yeskov in 1928.

Its minimalist style sharply contrasts with the pompous finishing of the nearby Main Narzan Baths. The front side of the October Narzan Baths has cubic elements. The clock tower also has the shape of a cube. There are bas-reliefs «depicting the workers and peasants who deserved the right to rest and treatment» in the recesses.

The October Narzan Baths has a narzan storage of 400 m3. However, in spite of this relatively large storage volume, it has no narzan pools, as in the Main Narzan Baths, but only individual cabins for narzan, radon and pine baths.