Pedestrian Resort Boulevard is one of the most popular promenades of all vacationers in Kislovodsk. Between the Narzan gallery and the October Square its length is only 700 meters, however, the beauty of buildings and a great number of cafes and restaurants create the atmosphere of recreation.

The Resort Boulevard was designed by Giuseppe Bernardazzi in the 30th of the 19 century. The boulevard, originally planted by lime-trees, runs along the railway tracks. Under Mikhail Vorontsov the boulevard was planted by Crimea poplars, and since that time it had long been called the Poplar Alley. In the Soviet period the boulevard was renamed the street of the 50th Anniversary of October, and these days it was re-turned its original name – the Resort Boulevard.

If you begin your walk on the Resort Boulevard from the Narzan gallery, on your right you can see the building of the sanatorium «Narzan» (former Grand-Hotel), – one of the oldest sanatoriums of Kislovodsk. The October Baths is on your left. It is there that you can take narzan, radon and pine baths, if you receive your treatment at a sanatorium without mineral baths.

A big and very beautiful building of the Main Narzan Baths is near the October Baths. Arguably, it is the most beautiful building on the Resort Boulevard. The Main Narzan Baths has the main building and two big wings joined by galleries. The name speaks for itself – this was the main place to take narzan baths, but later the bath were moved into the October Baths, and the Main Narzan Baths were closed for reconstruction.

If you go on, on your right you will see the pump-house #5, which is at some distance from the boulevard at the foot of a small mountain. The pink building of the Main Resort Administration is also rather beautiful, since the middle of the 19 century it was the Officers House for those who came in Kislovodsk for treatment during the Caucasus war.