Maybe the Old Town of Bukhara is the best place where you can feel the flavor of the ancient Orient as well as the authenticity of the Uzbek way of life. All the main attractions of Bukhara are compactly located at the center of the city, but you should go there not only for them but for the opportunity to wander along the narrow streets of the Old Town.

You should start your tour of the Old Town from the Ark Citadel. From it the road leads through the rows of the open market to the Poi Kalyan. At the market you can buy various souvenirs, carpets and the other handicrafts.

After you have looked around the Poi Kalyan you should have a tour of the covered markets of Bukhara. They are at the intersections of the Old Town between the Poi Kalyan and the Lyab-i Hauz. Totally, there remained 4 covered markets, and two of them date back to as far back as 16 century, while the other two were built in 17 century. The oldest market, Tim-Abdulla Khan, was built in 1577.

When going from the covered markets or bazaars toward the Lyab-i Hauz you should see the most ancient mosque of Bukhara – Maghoki-Attari. The mosque was built in 12 century and has an unusual construction – it is located in the pit, 4.5 m below the ground level. The mosque surface is covered by beautiful carving.