In the Holy Land in Israel, the events described in the new Testament of the Bible took place: the birth of Jesus Christ, Baptism, preaching, crucifixion on Calvary, and Ascension. After that, Christianity spread all over the world. Millions of pilgrims now come to the Holy Land.

Most of the Christian shrines that were created in the early years of Christianity are located in Jerusalem. Also very important is the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ in Bethabara on the banks of the Jordan river in the territory of Jordan state. The Bible describes events in other places, but churches were built there several centuries later.

The city of Bethlehem is located on the territory of the Palestinian authority. The Basilica at the Birthplace of Jesus Christ was founded by the Empress Helena in 330 AD. Since then, the service in this Church has not been interrupted. One of the Christian shrines is located in Jordan. This place is Bethabara, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan river.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was built on the site of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ. This is the main Shrine of Christianity. To the right of the entrance is the hill. This is Calvary, where the cross of Jesus Christ stood. At the foot of Golgotha is the Anointing Stone, and in the center of the temple is the Kuvukliya (Tomb of Jesus). It is built over the cave where Jesus Christ was buried and where he rose from the dead.

All pilgrims pass through Via Dolorosa. This road begins at the fortress of Antonia, where the Palace of the Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate was located. It leads to Calvary, where Jesus Christ was crucified. Along the way, there are 14 stops where the events described in the Bible took place.

While in Jerusalem, you must climb the Temple Mount, as well as pass through the valley of Kedrion. Here is the underground Church of the Holy Virgin Sepulchre, where she was buried. Nearby is the Gethsemane garden, where Olive trees grow. They look so old that it is possible to assume that they are more than 2 thousand years old. At this point, Jesus prayed and was betrayed by Judas.

You should also visit the Mount of Olives, where the Basilica of the Ascension is located. On the south side of the Temple is mount Zion, where the monastery of the Assumption of the Mother of God was built. The most sacred place of the monastery is the underground crypt, where according to legend, the Holy Virgin Mary fell asleep (died). According to legend, there is a room Where the last Supper was held.