The single-span Bridge of Alexander III is considered by many people to be the most beautiful in Paris. It was built in 1900 for the World`s Fair. On the left bank of the river near the bridge there is a huge Les Invalides building. On the right bank are the Grand Palace and the Small Palace, which were built for the 1900 World`s Fair.  

The Alexander III Bridge was laid in 1897, simultaneously with the Great and Small Palaces. This year, the French-Russian alliance was concluded. By the beginning of the First World War it was called the Entente.   

The laying of the bridge was attended by the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the President of France Felix Faure. The bridge was named after the Russian Emperor Alexander III, the father of Nicholas II. French President Felix Faure gave the task to French architects to design the Trinity Bridge across the Neva River in St. Petersburg and was also present at its laying. 

The Alexander III Bridge is made of metal. On the sides it is decorated with garlands in the Art Nouveau style. There are many beautiful lampposts on the bridge. Pylons with gilded sculptures of winged pegasus are installed on both entrances to the bridge. In the center of the bridge there are figures of the Nymph of the Seine with the coat of arms of France and the Nymph of the Neva with the coat of arms of Russia.   

The Alexander III Bridge has only one arch. Its length reaches 107 meters. The width is 33 meters. The design of the bridge looks light, since the Art Nouveau style provides for the rejection of clear lines and angles. Couples in love have a sign that if they make a wish and kiss on the bridge, then it will definitely come true. After all, there are many sculptures of angels on the bridge that help to realize dreams.