On the Geo Meridian online travel guide ( the "North of Italy" region consists of 7 regions in the Northern part of the Italian boot, starting from Liguria in the West to Firuli-Venezia-Giuli in the East. There are historical cities, high mountains and beautiful beach resorts.

"The North of Italy" includes regions: Liguria (Genoa), Piedmont (Turin), Valle D`Aosta (Aosta), Lombardy (Milan), Veneto (Venice), Trentino-South Tyrol (Trenno), Firuli-Venezia-Giuli (Trieste).

Here tourists can visit famous world fashion center Milan and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice. Many other cities also attract attention – Verona, Turin, and Bergamo.

There are beautiful natural attractions – the beach resorts of Liguria and Veneto, lake Como and Lake Garda. Alpine mountains also attract attention. There are medieval monasteries, picturesque fortresses on the tops of rocks and many routes for trekking.