South of Italy attractions

On the Geo Meridian online travel guide ( the "South of Italy" region consists of 6 provinces to the south of Lazio and Abruzzo. These 5 regions are located in the South of the Italian "boot". This region is mostly agricultural. There are many historical monuments of the ancient Roman era and interesting opportunities for gastronomic tourism. 

"South of Italy" includes the regions: Campania (Naples), Molise (Campobasso), Apulia (Bari), Basilicata (Potenza), Calabria (Catanzaro).

Magnificent resorts and historical sites are located in the area of Naples. After visiting Naples itself, you should definitely go to Pompeii to see the perfectly preserved ancient Roman town. You can also climb Mount Vesuvius. The resorts of this area include the Amalfi coast, the town of Sorrento and, of course, and the famous island of Capri.

In the area of the heel of the “Italian boot” is the city of Bari, where the Basilica of St. Nicholas is located. South of Bari you can visit the small towns of Monopoli, Alberobello, Matera. There are many natural attractions.