Troodos National Park, Cyprus

Troodos National Park is located in the central part of the island of Cyprus. Troodos is a mountain range covered mainly with coniferous forests, although in some places there are deciduous forests. In summer, the temperature in these places is lower than in the beach resorts in the areas of Ayia Napa or Paphos. In winter, there is snow and a ski resort. 

The highest mountain in the Troodos range is Olympus (Olymbos). It has a similar name to mount Olympus in Greece, where the gods of ancient Greek mythology lived. The height of the Cyprus Olympus is 1952 meters. There is a road leading to the top of the mountain, but the viewpoints are located lower. At the very peak of Olympus are military bases, access to them is closed. The Artemis trail runs around Olympus, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Troodos mountains, as well as walk among the spruce and cedar forests. Its length is 7 kilometers. 

Troodos village is located 3 kilometers from mount Olympus. It has many hotels and is the center of both skiing in winter and mountain trekking in the summer season. On the northern slope of Olympus, as well as on the neighboring slope, which is called the Sunny Valley, there are 11 ski trails. In winter, there is enough snow for comfortable skiing. In summer, you can walk along the trails around the village of Troodos, surrounded by pine and cedar forests. 

The Cyprus cedar is the pride of the Troodos mountains. This endemic tree grows only here at an altitude of at least 400 meters above sea level. Cyprus cedar is called short-coniferous, and it is different from the Lebanese. On average, the Cyprus cedar trees live for about 500 years. There is a cedar grove near the village of Troodos, as well as on the Western slope of the mountain range, closer to Paphos. 

For centuries, the Troodos mountains have been a haven for Orthodox people and monks. They often had to hide from persecution, both during the rule of the crusaders and Venetians, who forced people to convert to Catholicism, and during the Turkish rule. Many churches and monasteries were built in the Troodos mountains. Nine of them were included in the UNESCO historical heritage lists. 

The most famous and rich monastery in the Troodos mountains is Kykkos monastery. There is a Kykkos icon of the Holy Virgin, which is one of the oldest. According to legend, it was painted by the Evangelist Luke during the earthly life of the Holy Virgin. The monastery is located on the slope of mount Troni at an altitude of 1140 meters. On top of this mountain, at an altitude of 1318 meters, is the Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III. He was the spiritual and political leader of Cyprus after the country`s independence in 1960. 

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View of mount Olympus from the path leading to the Tomb of Makarios III
Cedar groves on mountain trails near the village of Troodos
The Cathedral, where the Kykkos icon of the Virgin Mary is kept, was built in 1541
Chapel over the Tomb of Makarios III at the top of mount Throni in Troodos
View of the Troodos mountains from the viewpoint on mount Olympus
View of the western slope of mount Olympus from the viewpoint on mount Troni, where the grave of Makarios III is located
Millomeris waterfall in the Troodos mountains is the highest in Cyprus. Its height is 15 meters
View of the southern slope of mount Olympus from the viewpoint on the road from Limassol
Cyprus cedars on top of mount Olympus in the Troodos mountains
White cross in the Troodos mountains on the background of mount Olympus. The height of the cross is 25 meters
Cyprus cedars are short-coniferous, they grow in the Troodos mountains at an altitude of at least 400 meters
The length of trekking trails near the village of Troodos is several tens of kilometers
Hiking trails in the vicinity of Troodos village
Monument to Archbishop Makarios III-leader of the nation during the years of independence gaining of Cyprus
A path leading to the top of mount Throni, where the Grave of Archbishop Makarios III is located
Orthodox icons are placed on the sides of the path leading to the Tomb of Makarios III
The bell tower of the Kykkos monastery was built in 1882
Kykkos monastery in the Troodos mountains
Gallery of the monastic cell building in the Kykkos monastery
The walls of the cell buildings in the Kykkos monastery are decorated with mosaic panels made by the Byzantine technique
The largest mosaic panel of the Kykkos monastery is the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary
Cyprus cedars on top of mount Olympus in the Troodos mountains
Ecological trail along the mountain slopes of Troodos near mount Olympus
Rocks and tree roots polished by Millomeris waterfall
Creepers and ivy growing on tree branches in the canyon of the Krios Potamos river in the Troodos mountains