Tsaritsyn Palace in Tsaritsyno estate

The Grand Tsaritsyno Palace is in the center of Tsaritsyno Park. Today a lot of people come there to not only wander around the park, but also visit the palace where quite interesting exhibitions are held.

As is known, Bazhenov was the first architect of all buildings in the Tsaritsyno estate, including the Grand Palace. However, later, for close relations with the masons, he was dismissed from construction. Catherine II gave the order to demolish everything that he had time to build. However, the design of the palace was really not very successful. It was intended to build not one large palace, but several relatively small buildings.

From 1786 to 1796, the construction of the Grand Tsaritsyno Palace was carried out by the architect Kazakov. But he did not have time to finish the palace. In 1796, Empress Catherine died, and her son Paul ordered to stop all construction works.

Over the next two centuries, Tsaritsyno Park was desolate turning into an untended forest, and the palace turned into ruins. Of course, the residents of Moscow came there for a walk, but the impression was depressing.

In 2005, it was decided to carry out a complete reconstruction of Tsaritsyno Park. During the reconstruction, the palace, which was in ruins for more than 200 years, was finished. So, in Moscow there appeared a very beautiful palace in the style of Russian classicism. The most beautiful halls of the Palace are the Catherine hall and the Tauride hall. The Bread House is next to the Tsaritsyno Palace where very interesting exhibitions are held.