Bridges in Tsaritsyno estate photo

Bridges in Tsaritsyno estate are very interesting attraction. You can see the beautiful Figurny (or Decorative) bridge at the entry to the Tsaritsyno park, on the side of the ponds. The Large Gothic bridge is several hundred meters to the right from it. These two bridges are the decoration of the Tsaritsyno estate.

Both the Decorative bridge and the Large Gothic bridge were built by Bazhenov before Catherine II removed him from the works at Tsaritsyno. As is known, he was closely associated with masons, so you can see many masonic symbols on the bridges.

The Decorative bridge was built in 1776. It is one of the earliest structures at the Tsaritsyno estate. The bridge is the gates to the estate,  if you go from the ponds. The bridge looks like a fortified wall and was called «decorative» for a great number of decorative elements from red and white brick.

The second more impressive bridge was built in the style of pseudo-Gothic not far from the Decorative bridge during 1778-84. It is called either the «large bridge across the ravine», or the «large Gothic bridge.» Carriages coming from Kolomenskoye on the Kashirskaya road entered Tsaritsyno by this bridge.

The bridge spans a very wide ravine and has a length of 80 meters.  It is the biggest remaining bridge of 18 century. It was used for intended purpose until 1975 while a motorway run through the estate. The road was closed when the bridge fell in breakdown state, but now it was returned its former magnificence by the efforts of restorers.