Turkey is just created for tourism. In the country there is almost everything, which is essential both for recreation and interesting tours. And what is more, Turkish seaside resort infrastructure is so advanced that other countries could hardly offer anything better.

The primary distinctive feature of its tourist system is that hotels are highly self-dependent establishments where you can easily spend 1-2 weeks, never leaving their territory. As a rule, each hotel has a large territory, separate beaches, and a wide range of entertainments. “All Inclusive” system has been widely adopted in Turkey, which is invaluable for those who are in for comfort, quietness and peculiar isolation from all the other tourists, aren’t very keen on excursions.

In most other countries beaches are municipal property, that’s why there you can not arrange your rest the same way as in Turkey. So, if you like comfort and plan no sightseeing, Turkey is the perfect place for your holiday.

Though Turkey is an Islamic country, tourists can not feel it, especially in resort areas. If you want to have some entertainment outside your hotel, it won`t be a problem: night clubs, discos and restaurants are in every resort city. And there are no clothing restrictions.

Resort infrastructure is most developed near Antalya on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The coast of Antalya Bay, from Tekirova on the south-west to Alanya on the south-east, is almost completely built with first-rate hotels. Most of them are either all inclusive, or ultra all inclusive. In “all inclusive” hotels you can get for free whatever food you want but you can freely drink only local beer. And in “ultra all inclusive” hotels you can also get for free any spirits you want. You can find similar tourist areas near Marmaris-Fethiye (west of Antalya) and Bodrum-Kusadasi (near Izmir).

Besides beaches, those who are fond of sightseeing can be offered a lot of interesting tours. As Turkey is the territory of ancient civilizations whose monuments you can find almost in every part of the country. Surely, you should go to Istanbul which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There you can visit certain Christian sanctuaries, which have survived from the time of Constantinople, and not the least magnificent monuments of Muslim architecture.

There a lot of historical sites or their ruins all over Mediterranean coast, for example Termessos, Mira, Faselis, Kekova, Perge, Aspendos and many other sites, and if you have your holiday in the area of Antalya-Marmaris, you can easily get to any of them.

Besides historical monuments, there are also a lot of interesting natural sites, which you are sure to visit. The most interesting of them are Pamukkale and Cappadocia. Pamukkale is only two-hour trip of Antalya, so every day «caravans» of tourist buses go there. Pamukkale is noted for its thermal sources.

Cappadocia is fairly remote, so one-day trip would be very tiring. But if you can go there for two or three days, it would be an unforgettable trip. There you can go down the valley among wind-carved mushroom rocks.