The village Monastyrschino is in the northern part of the Kulikovo Field, at the at the Don`s intersection with Nepridava. It is in that place that the troops of Dmitry Donskoi crossed the Don river and took up their positions on the Kulikovo Field on September 7, 1380. 

The village Monastyrschino was in the rear of the Russian troops during the Battle of Kulikovo on September 8. A big green grove (the Zelenaya Dubrava) was to the east from the Monastyrschino. It stretched from the Don river to the Smolka river. The latter was a dividing line between the Russians and the Tatars. 

The Ambush regiment, which turned the scale of the battle, was hidden in the Zelenaya Dubrava. The regiment was commanded by a seasoned voivode, prince Dmitry Bobrok, who instructed Dmitry Donskoi himself in military art. 

It is believed that the Russian warriors killed on the Kulikovo Field were buried just in Monastyrschino. After they were buried there was erected the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, which was rebuilt later. To our days there survived the church building of 1865. The memorial to the Russian warriors is in front of the church. The monument to Dmitry Donskoi is near the altar of the church. The small monuments from the towns whose troops took part in the Battle of Kulikovo is in the alley before the altar.

A museum is near the church. Previously it had a rather big exposition. But when the main museum was opened on the Kulikovo Field, most of it was moved there. Now at the Monastyrschino museum one can see the exposition «The Hosts of Earth and Heaven».

To our days there remained only some part of the Zelenaya Dubrava where the Ambush regiment was hidden. A path runs along the Don river from the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. By the path one can reach the cross and the chapel above the place where the troops of Dmitry Donskoi crossed the Don.