The village Yepifan is 25 kilometers to the north of the the village Monastyrschino near which the Battle of Kulikovo took place. Since 16 century Yepifan was one of the fortresses of the Zasechnaya cherta or Great Abatis Border (a chain of fortification lines), which protected Russian principalities from the raids of the Crimean and Nogai Tatars. 

In 1380 after the meeting of Russian druzhinas (prince’s armed forces) in Kolomna the host of Dmitry Donskoi passed through the lands of Ryazan Principality. It was important as the forces of prince Oleg didn’t join the Russian host, but they also didn’t join the Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila. Yepifan was the last fortress before the steppe frontier region, but Dmitry Donskoi decided not to wait khan Mamay behind the Zasechnaya cherta and went to the south towards to the Kulikovo Field.

Today Yepifan is a part of the museum-reserve «The Kulikovo Field». The merchant household museum is not far from St. Nicholas Cathedral on the main square. There one can see the house of a merchant Baybakov where the interiors of 19 century were restored, his shop of petty trade, as well as the basement of the shop where the goods were stored.