When traveling in Jordan, you must look around Wadi Rum desert. In local tourist guides Wadi Rum is described as one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, otherwise called «Moon Valley». And these descriptions are quite justified.

Wadi Rum is the desert of red sands and picturesque mountains. It is especially beautiful at sunset, when the sand and mountains are tinted with red and then claret colour. The mountains of Wadi Rum have a peculiar monolithic shape, of step-by-step type. Their average height is some 1-1.5 thousand meters. There are many gorges in the mountains. And one of the gorges has a beautiful arch, which you can climb up the steep slope of the rock.

Wadi Rum is the national park, so you can`t move around the desert for yourself. But it is absolutely senseless as otherwise you could easily get lost. You can get to Wadi Rum via Wadi-al-Arab highway, connecting Akaba with Amman.

At the border of the desert there is a tourist center where you can order a jeep or camel tour. Certainly, camel is a traditional desert carrier; however, if you aren’t ready to spend two days in the desert, but would like to see all its most beautiful spots, you should take a jeep tour.

Local guides will take you to all important sights of Wadi Ramm, its mountains, gorges, in-cluding the Arch and the Greater Dune, the abode of Lawrence of Arabia, as well as 4 thousand years-old petroglyphs or rock paintings.