The main tourist attractions of the Amman are located in the Old Town. One of them, Citadel, is at the top of a very high hill dominating the city. Then you should plan a visit to one of the largest Roman amphitheatres outside Italy. Also you can see some ruins of ancient temples near the amphitheatre.

All other sights aren’t so interesting, so you should consider Amman only as starting point for travels in Jordan. And there is something to see in the country. Moreover, all the most interesting attractions are not far from one another.

All comfortable hotels are located in Shmeisani. To get to the main historical sites of the city you will have to take a cab, but it won`t take you much time. As so far there are no good hotels in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town (Citadel, Amphitheatre).

Half a day would be quite enough to look around Amman. For the time you will be able to see Citadel and Roman Amphitheatre. After that you may go to Jerash, which is one of the most-preserved cities of early Roman period. For the short trip you`ll have time to visit Mount Nebo, from which Moses saw the Land of Promise, as well as nearby township Madaba. There are still handicraft schools in the city, involved in production of mosaic panels, similar to those of ancient Byzantine Empire.

Some other tourist attractions are farther from Amman, and you wouldn’t see them for a day. First of all, it is the Dead Sea. Suweimeh is not far from Amman, you can get there for half an hour. However, you should reserve 2-3 day for the trip to feel the atmosphere of the resort and have a good rest.

When at the southern side of the Dead Sea you may go to Al-Karak. If you are fond of rock climbing, and have adequate physical training, you can also make a trip to Wadi Mudjib. The most splendid sights of Jordan, such as Petra and Wadi Ramm, are in the southernmost part of the country.