World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad was opened in 1990 but its collections were significantly increased in recent years. The museum is located on the bank of the Pregel river, near Kant Island, and is the most interesting museum in the city.

Three ships and a submarine are moored at the embankment, and on the bank of the Pregel river there several museum buildings where one can see collections related with oceanography, as well as expositions devoted to the history of Königsberg. 

In the main museum building one can see a collection of exhibits related with ocean research, bathyscaphe models, аnd a huge skeleton of the Baltic cachalot (whale). The research ship «Vityaz» is moored opposite the building at the embankment. Interesting excursions are conducted over this ship where one can see how life support and harbor cabins looked. There one can also see very interesting ethnographic collections from various parts of World Ocean, which were visited and explored by great Russian travelers. Near it a fishing ship-museum, SRT-129 (medium fishing trawler), is moored. 

The museum «Marine Königsberg-Kaliningrad» is located In the building of a port warehouse (packhouse). There one can also have a look at the hulk of a wooden trading ship of 19 century discovered in the pit of the amber factory, as well as many maps and photos of the Old Königsberg. Opposite it a giant vessel with plate-antenna is moored. It is one of the vessels ensuring the communication with spacecraft. Aboard the ship one can see an interesting exposition devoted to the development of space science in Russia.

Then one can proceed to the submarine-museum B-413 devoted to the undersea fleet of Russia. The amphibian airplane Bе-12 was installed in front of the submarine-museum. It is also open for visiting. 

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The exhibits of the World ocean Museum in Kaliningrad
The ship Vityaz - the flagship of the research fleet of Russia since 1949 till 90-ties
Cabins of the Vityaz ship is the most interesting part of the World ocean Museum
The skeleton of the Baltic trading ship of the 19th century, found in the Kaliningrad region
The figure of the German officer at the Museum Old Koenigsberg
Ship Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev provided radio communication with the spacecrafts and MCC
Front torpedo section in the submarine B-413
Hall with aquariums in the World ocean Museum in Kaliningrad
Deep-sea submersibles Mir-1 Academy of Sciences in the Museum of the World ocean
Russian Admiral and scientist Stepan Makarov in the Museum of the World ocean
Nikolai Miklukho-Maclay - outstanding Russian scientist and traveler of the 19th century
Сollection of amber from different continents in the World ocean Museum in Kaliningrad
Artworks made of amber in the Museum of the World ocean in Kaliningrad
Cabin of naturalist in the research ship of the 19th century in the World ocean Museum
Mammoth Tusk (age 10 thousand years) from the Kara sea coast in the World ocean Museum
Antenna for relaying a radio signal of the spacecraft to MCC
Words of Korolev: " Russia is great, but it`s not enough place for us"
Places where ships of comminication with spacecrafts were locates in world ocean
The ship Yuri Gagarin - the flagship of the Soviet Navy ships of space communications
Diesel submarine B-413 in Museum of the World ocean in Kaliningrad