A small museum devoted to a great Russian naval commander, Admiral Nakhimov, was opened in the village Khmelita. It occupies a small building (a former cheese dairy) near the manorial house of the Griboyedov`s estate.

Pavel Sergeyevich Nakhimov was born in Gorodok village of Vyazma uyezd (district) of Smolensk Governorate on June 23, 1802. Neither the village nor the manor house of Nakhimov family remained but on the road to Khmelita village there is a signpost directing to the place of the village. There was reconstructed the foundation of the church where Nakhimov was baptized and at the village cemetery, there remained the graves of his parents, Stepan Mikhailovich and Feodosia Ivanovna. 

As a result, it was decided to open the museum in Khmelita village. In a two-floor museum house there were collected a lot of documents and pictures related to the childhood of the future admiral. At the museum there was also reconstructed the study of Admiral Nakhimov where his casket, as well as the arm-chairs from the estate of his granddad, are stored.

At the exposition of the first floor shaped like a hulk one can see the models of the ships sailed by Nakhimov, including the frigate «Pallas» and the battleship «Empress Maria», as well as many other exhibits. The pictures depicting the battles Nakhimov took part in hang on the walls of the museum.