The Blonye Garden is in the south of the historical center of Smolensk. It is near Lenin Square, Lopatinsky Garden and the Heroes Memory Public Garden. The garden has the shape of a regular quadrangle crossed by walking paths.

The Blonye Garden was laid down in 1830. The word «blonye» sounds unusual for Russian language, however, one can find it in some village names in Smolensk region. This word also meant a space (a square) before fortified walls.

The monument to M. Glinka, a famous Russian composer, was installed in the garden by the 80th anniversary of his birth in 1885. He was from the village Novospasskoye of Smolensk region. Tchaikovski, Balakirev and many other famous people of that time attended the monument opening ceremony.

The most curious attraction of the Blonye Garden is the bronze sculptures of a deer and two small lions installed in the north-east of the garden. They were brought as trophies by the soldiers of the umpteenth regiment from Germany after the war. They were taken from the dacha of Hermann Goering in the Rominten Hunting Lodge. This place is now the territory of Poland, and before the war it was East Prussia and all aristocrats of Germany liked to hunt there.