The embankment of the Dnieper may be called one of the pleasantest walks in the city. It is on the left side of the Central Bridge and stretches for about a kilometer along the fortified wall. The beautiful building of the Dneprovskiye gate is on the right side of the bridge.

The embankment has two levels. The lower level stretches along the water. The upper level is made as a boulevard and there are always a lot of people there. From there one can have wonderful views of the churches of the Zadneprovskiy district. The embankment runs at the foot of the fortified wall. The Gothic Pyatnitskaya Tower (Water Tower) is near the embankment. The Russian Vodka Museum was in the tower building. The monument to Prince Vladimir is near the Pyatnitskaya Tower.

One can have a walk near the Hodigitria Gate Church – above the northern Dneprovskiye gate – to the right from the Central Bridge. For several centuries the Dneprovskiye gate was called Frolovskiye. But at the beginning of 18 century the gate was pulled down and the Hodigitria Gate Church was built there and the gate below it was renamed Dneprovskiye. Originally the church was wooden and in 19 century it was rebuilt from stone.