Krasnaya (Red) Street, the main street of the historical center of Yekaterinodar, begins near the Catherine’s Square and stretches for many kilometers to the Chistyakovskaya Grove. Alexander Boulevard is between the traffic ways of the northern part of the street stretching from the Theatre Square to the Chistyakovskaya Grove. 

Alexander Boulevard begins at the Obelisk of the 200th Anniversary of the Kuban Cossacks, which is on the Theatre Square. At its beginning it is an alley with various ornamental shrubs, flowerbeds and small trees. There are many monuments and sculptures in the boulevard. The monument to Shurik and Lida from a comedy film of Leonid Gaidai is opposite the State University of Technology. 

The Tsar′s Gate is the main sight of Alexander Boulevard and the symbol of Krasnodar. The Tsar′s Gate, which is also called the Alexander′s Triumphal Arch was erected in 1888 before the visit of Emperor Alexander III and his family to Yekaterinodar.

The Arch was built in Russian-Byzantine style featuring pyramidal spires crowned with two-headed eagles. The monument to the patron saint of Yekaterinodar – St. Catherine the Great Martyr also known as St. Catherine of Alexandria – is in front of the Arch. There are many fountains and flowerbeds around it.

Alexander Boulevard gets wider in its northernmost part. The alleys are flanked by huge plane trees there. This may be the most picturesque part of the boulevard. Many people always walk in the shade of trees.