The Museum of Battle Glory is in the center of the 30th Anniversary of the Victory Park near the embankment of the Kuban river. The museum is divided into two big halls. One hall is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War while the other hall is dedicated to the modern army and the war in Afghanistan. A large exhibition of military equipment is in front of the museum.

In the hall dedicated to the Great Patriotic War there are a lot of exhibits, documents, photographs related to the battles of 1942 in the Kuban when the Germans occupied the region to get to the oil fields of Baku. Many exhibits were found during the excavations in the Kuban.

Separate stands are devoted to the armies, which liberated the Kuban: 9th army, 18th army, 44th army, 56th army, 37th army, 4th and 5th air armies. At the museum there are also expositions devoted to the cavalry detachments of the Kuban Cossacks. 

In the hall of the modern army there are many documents and exhibits devoted to the today weaponry. One can also see there the pictures, photographs and documents related to the war in Afghanistan.