The village of Uchayz is on the territory of the ancient town of Theimussa. The village is approached by a modern road, and it is just there that you should leave your car and rent a light motor boat for exploring the flooded cities of Kekova Island.

You can see the ruins of the ancient cities of Theimussa and Aperlai in many places of Uchayz. If you can, you should spare some time for a tour of Theimussa. You should go in a car to the eastern part of this ancient city, where you will find a large Lycian necropolis on the shore of the bay. The necropolis is partially submerged but most of its sarcophagi are above water.

If you go further to the end of the bay, there you can find a small but very picturesque beach where people relax and bathe. You can leave your car near the beach and go on foot to the Fortress of Simena and the Lycian necropolis.