Ayia Napa attractions

The resort of Ayia Napa is the center of a beach holiday in Cyprus. Here are the best sandy beaches of Cyprus, which are visited by millions of tourists every year. In addition to the beaches, there are interesting natural and historical sites outside of the city. 

In the 11th century, there was a dense forest on this site. According to legend, a hunter found an icon of the Holy Virgin Mary in a cave here, which was called "Icon of Our Lady of Agia Napa", which means "Icon of Our Lady of the Holy Forest". Then the icon was called Ayia Napa, and a temple was built over the cave. Many pilgrims came here. The area close to monastery was called by the name of the icon - Ayia Napa. Later, there appeared a fishing village, which was also called Ayia Napa. 

The site of the village is now the old port of Ayia Napa. Yachts and pleasure boats are moored here, where tourists can take excursions along the coast of the National Park Kavo Greco. In the park you can see the Sea Caves, the Bridge of Love in Ayia Napa and the Observation deck at Cape Greco. On the east coast is another Bridge of Love in Kavo Greco, which is also called the Bridge of Sinners. Konnos Bay, one of the best beaches in Cyprus, is also located here. 

Ayia Napa is one of the most fashionable youth music place in Europe. On Louka Louka Street, in the center of the old town, there are more than two dozen nightclubs and bars of all music styles. Every night hundreds and even thousands of young people come here to dance and have fun until the morning. 

Near the port of Ayia Napa begins the sandy beach of Pantachou, which stretches for a kilometer. This is a magnificent sandy beach, with plenty of sun beds and places for sports games. In addition to the city beach of Pantachou, several sandy beaches are located in the western suburbs of Ayia Napa: Makronissos beach, Nissi beach, Landa beach. One of the largest water parks in Europe, Water World, is located near Makronissos Beach. Best hotels in Ayia Napa are located on these beaches. 

On the eastern outskirts of Ayia Napa, there is a Sculpture Park and a Cactus Park. They are located on a high rocky coast and cover an area of more than 20 hectares. In 2014, the Mayor`s Office of Ayia Napa approached the famous sculptors with a proposal to organize a symposium where they could work together and exchange experiences. Several dozen sculptors came here, and the first sculptures appeared in the park. Now there are more than two hundred of them and new ones are constantly appearing. In 2015, next to the Sculpture Park, Mayor`s Office decided to create a Cactus Park, where they planted hundreds of different types of cacti and succulents. As a result, here is appeared one of the most interesting attraction of Ayia Napa.

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Azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea near the Bridge of Lovers in Ayia Napa
The Kraken Cave near the Bridge of Lovers in Ayia Napa
Azure water and white sand on Makronissos beach, which is considered one of the best in Cyprus
You can enjoy active sports at Makronissos Beach in Ayia Napa
The city beach of Ayia Napa consists of three parts: Pantachou, Maistrali and Glyki Nero. Their total length is about a kilometer
Hotels on the Beach of Glyki Nero in Ayia Napa
Sin Nightclub on Louka Louka Street in Ayia Napa
Castle Nightclub on Louka Louka street in Ayia Napa
The Black Pearl ship in the old port of Ayia Napa
Excursion ships in the old port of Ayia Napa
The Bridge of Lovers in Ayia Napa - one of the symbols of Cyprus, is an arch on a rocky shore
Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa is recognized as one of the best in Cyprus
Crystal clear water and white sand on the beach of Nissi beach in Ayia Napa
Lavender field in the Ayia Napa Botanical Garden Cyherbia
The Minotaur Labyrinth at the Ayia Napa Botanical Garden Cyherbia
In 2015, a Sculpture Park was created in Ayia Napa, where you can now see more than 200 sculptures
The Sculpture Park is located on a rocky shore on the eastern edge of Ayia Napa
The Sculpture Park in Ayia Napa has abstract sculptures and sculptures on the theme of ancient Greek myths
In the Cactus Park in Ayia Napa, several thousand species of cacti and succulents are planted
Succulents and Agaves at the Cactus Park in Ayia Napa
View of the pools of the WaterWorld Water Park in Ayia Napa from the Zeus attraction
Serpentines Slides attraction at WaterWorld Water Park in Ayia Napa
The Cave of Saint Thekla in Ayia Napa has been a cave church dedicated to Saint Thekla Equal to the Apostles since the 6th century
The Church of St. Thekla was built in the 20th century over the Cave of St. Thekla in Ayia Napa
The oldest buildings of the 16th century in the Monastery of Ayia Napa
The oldest church in the Ayia Napa Monastery, built over the cave where the icon of the Mother of God was found
The Hellenic Tombs of Makronissos near Makronissos beach on the outskirts of Ayia Napa