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Battle Glory of the Urals museum in Yekaterinburg

Battle Glory of the Urals museum is one of the largest Russian museums of military machinery and vintage cars. It is located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, a northern suburb of Yekaterinburg. You should include a visit to the museum into a trip to the nearby monastery at the Ganya Pit, place where tsar family was found after murder in 1918 .

Battle Glory of the Urals museum is in front of the main clockhouse of the plant Electromed, included in the holding company UGMK (Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company). The foundation of the future museum was laid down in 2005 when the veterans of the city asked the management of the plant to install the first two guns at the eternal flame and the stele with cranes. This idea went further and there began the formation of an interesting museum of the military machinery of the Soviet Union and the allied countries dating back to the time of the Great Patriotic War, as well as modern weapons.

 For ten years the museum was divided into sections: tanks and self-propelled units, war planes and helicopters, guns, MRLSs, elements of war ships. Each section has dozens of various weapons, from the beginning of the 20 century to our days.

In 2013 there was built an exhibition complex where you can see a collection of vintage cars, as well as motor (passenger) cars and lorries of the war time. Considering the continuous growth of the exposition, in the near future it is planned to build one more exhibition complex.

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Т-34, the main tank of the Russian (Soviet) army in the period of World War II
Collection of vintage cars at the museum Museum Of Military Glory Of The Urals exhibition center in Verkhnyaya Pyshma
1976 model 2С7 «Pion» (peon) self-propelled gun
1989 model 2С19 «Msta-S» self-propelled howitzer
1930 model Т-18 light tank
Il-2, the most-produced plane in the history of aircraft construction
1980 model supersonic fighter interceptor MiG-31
Modern supersonic combat planes the Russian army had in service
«Stalin`s Hammer», the famous 1934 model 203 mm howitzer
Modern army guns
The building of the Exhibition center at Battle Glory of the Urals Museum 
Two guns at the «Cranes» memorial, which laid down the foundation of the future museum
ZIS-110, produced in 1948
Ford-A, produced in 1927-31
Packard Super Eight, produced in 1937-51 
A copy of the Victory Banner at Battle Glory of the Urals Museum
War planes produced in the period of the Great Patriotic War
Heavy tank IS-4 produced in 1943
Т-80 «Bereza» (birch), – the main tank of the Russian (Soviet) army – produced in 1985
152 mm self-propelled gun, 2С5 «Giatsint-S» (hyacinth), produced in 1976
MI-24 helicopter produced in 1971
«Giatsint-B» (hyacinth) - 152 mm gun
BM-13 or «Katyusha», truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher system produced in 1938
BM-21 or «Grad», truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher system produced in 1963
9А-310 or «Buk» (beech), self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system produced in 1980
«Krug» (circle), self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system
ZIL 41047
ZIS-101 produced in 1936-41 
BA-27, medium-sized armored car produced in 1927
The first vehicles of «Moskvitch» car factory