The Beaver Ravine fun park may be considered the best place for active recreation and tourism in Krasnoyarsk. If you haven’t either opportunity or time to go to the main Krasnoyarsk Stolby, then a trip to the Beaver Ravine will be a good chance to see the most beautiful local nature, if only from the lookouts of the fun park.

The main buildings of the fun park are near the river Bazaikha: children clubs, a spa center, a skating rink and various amusements. There you can use a cableway to ascend to the mountain plateau where a downhill skiing complex with 14 tracks of various levels is located. Apart from downhill skiing you can try your hand at such extreme amusement as rodelbahn (a mix of roller coaster and bobsleigh).

In summer the upper part of the Beaver Ravine represent a beautiful recreation park. Having ascended to the mountain plateau by one of the cableways, you will find yourself on the lookout. You can have a wonderful view of the entire Krasnoyarsk from its southern side. And its northern side overlooks the Krasnoyarsk Stolby. 

Two paths lead from this lookout. If you turn left, in half a kilometer you can go out to another lookout from where you can have a view on a mountain valley and certain Krasnoyarsk stolby, though of course you can not see the most beautiful of them.

If you plan to visit the Krasnoyarsk Stolby, it would be better for you to ascend by cableway to the upper part of the Beaver Ravine and then go along the right path from the upper cableway station. You will have to go 8 kilometers, but the path runs over the picturesque mountain ridge. 

To the left from the upper cableway station is path leading to Takmak, one of the most famous and highest Krasnoyarsk pillars. In winter it runs along a gentle slope for downhill skiing training. Along the slope there were built many small houses used as cafés in winter. Then the path makes a sharp turn to the left and from there one can have a beautiful view on the crest of Takmak.