The Takmak pillar (stolb) is the main and at the same time very beautiful rock of the Takmak area of the Krasnoyarsk Stolby Nature Reserve. In this area, you can see several compactly located rocks towering above the residential quarters of Krasnoyarsk.

It would the easiest way to get to the pillars of the Takmak area, if you will go from the upper platform of the Bobrovy Log (Beaver Ravine) fan park. It is a very picturesque path running along a rocky ridge where you can enjoy beautiful views. Alternatively, you can get to the area of Takmak pillars by the paths running from the residential area located along the Bazaikha River but the climb is very steep there.

It is only 1 kilometer from the upper platform of the Bobrovy Log funicular to the main pillar Takmak. The Takmak is very closely surrounded by several other pillars: Breakers, Mogul, Great Golden Eagle, Sunny Grotto, Vertebrae, and Totem. However, the height differences between them are very significant, and in some places the paths require good training.

If you go along the path south of the Takmak, then going down to the valley and then going up again you can go up to the Chinese Wall pillar, but there are no convenient paths between it and other pillars. From the Takmak you should go southeast to the pillars Yermak and Borodok. Yermak is a very beautiful pillar and you will have very beautiful views of all the surroundings from it.

There is no path between the Yermak and the other pillars located along the Kaltat River within the reserve. You will have to go to the Bazaikha River and go through residential areas for 6 kilometers. There you can see such pillars as the Kaltatskaya Wall, the Knight’s Castle, the Belfry, the Pagoda, the Minaret, the Bastions. You can also climb the Kaltatsky Gates.