Belgorod is in the southernmost part of Central Russia, only 40 km from the Ukrainian border. The city has many interesting tourist attractions, most of which are concentrated around the Cathedral Square.

Belgorod was founded in 1593 by the order of Tsar Feodor I of Russia as the main outpost of the fortified line, which defended Russian lands from the raids of nomadic tribes from southern steppes. The fortified line with fortresses stretched for some 800 kilometers. In 1667 Belgorod eparchy was established, and so Belgorod became not only an administrative but also a spiritual center in the south of Russia. In 1779 Belgorod Province was abolished and Belgorod was included in Kursk Province.

The Sobornaya Square is a historical center of Belgorod where the third Belgorod fortress was built in 17 century. The first two fortresses were not far from it, but the formation of the city began just in that place. The buildings of regional administration and theatre appeared on the Sobornaya Square in the 50th of the past century.

Svyato-Troitsky Boulevard stretches from the square to the Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery. For several centuries near the boulevard the Holy Trinity Cathedral was located. It was the main church of the city where the relics of St. Ioasaph, the patron saint of Belgorod land, were kept. Now the building of Belgorod metropolitanate is on the place of the cathedral. The glass-domed Cave of St. Ioasaph, the burial place of the saint, is in the court of the metropolitanate. Today the relics of St. Ioasaph are kept in the Transfiguration Cathedral of the city.

Apart from visiting the center of the city you should plan a trip to Prokhorovskoye Field (70 kilometers to the north) where the greatest tank battle of World War II took place on July 12, 1943. Later a large memorial complex was opened there. On the field properly, near the high ground 252.5 where the most fierce fighting took place, the bell tower and the Victory Park are located. The museum «The Third Battlefield of Russia» and the memorial church of Peter and Paul are in the center of Prokhorovka. The church has the shape of a lit candle. In the church one can see marble slabs with the names of 10 thousand soldiers, which were killed near Prokhorovka. 

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The administration of the Belgorod region and the Belgorod Hotel at the Sobornaya square
Belgorod Drama Theatre of Schepkin at the Cathedral square
The dome over the Cave of St.Ioasaf of Belgorod and the building of the Eparchy
The crypt of St. Joasaph of Belgorod
View of the Prokhorovka field of Victory Park - there was a tank battle
Museum Third battle field of Russia, dedicated tank battle in Prokhorovka field
Bell tower is on the Height 252.2 of Prokhorovka field where was the main battle
Prokhorovka field. Memorial Church of Peter and Paul at the place of tank battle
The relics of St. Joasaph were preserved in the Holy Trinity monastery, destroyed in 1927
Chapel of the Archangel Michael and the font on the sources of the river Psyol
Ethnographic village of Kostroma with houses in the traditional style of Ukraine of the 19th century
Pedestrian bridge over the river Vezelka in Victory Park in Belgorod
The Alley of Heroes in Victory Park in Belgorod
Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Belgorod
The miraculous icon of St. Nicholas Ratna in the Transfiguration Cathedral of Belgorod
The miraculous icon of the Mother of God Peschanskaya in the Transfiguration Cathedral
Smolensky Cathedral in Belgorod was founded in 1727
Monument: Belgorod - the City of Military glory on the Cathedral square
Cathedral square - the historical centre of Belgorod
Regional museum on the Popova street
One of the four Entrance pillars stood in fron of the Belgorod gate
Museum-diorama "Fire Salient", dedicated to the battle in Prokhorovka field
The painting dedicated to the Battle at Prokhorovka field (length 67 m, height 15 m)
The painting dedicated to the Battle at Prokhorovka field (length 67 m, height 15 m)
Photos of German tanks at Prokhorovka field before the attack
Church of the Intercession (1791) of the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery in Belgorod
Assumption-Nikolsky Cathedral of the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery in Belgorod
A monument to St. Josaph in front of the wall of the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery in Belgorod
Belgorod Museum of Fine Art
Paintings in the Belgorod Fine Art Museum
The picture Pugachev rebel (S. Molodykh, 1980) at the Art Museum