Bergen attractions

The city of Bergen is situated on the coast of the North Sea, not far from the famous Norwegian fjords. It the second large city of Norway, and the largest city on the North Sea.

And though such fjords as Geirangerfjord, Neirofjord or Lisefjord are at a certain distance from Bergen, it remains the main starting point for all trips to all of them, as it is has the airport receiving flights from many cities of European continent.

However, besides fjords, Bergen itself is a beautiful city where it would be interesting to spend a day or two. Tourists mainly have promenades in Bruggen.

It isn’t a big quarter and of course Bruggen Harbour Front is considered its most beautiful place. There rows of old wooden houses lend it the flavor of northern town.

The Harbour Front, as well as the entire quarter, has been shaped for several centuries since the origin of the city in XI century when Bergen was an important member of Hanseatic League. In the immediate vicinity of the Harbour Front there located Bergenhus Fortress. It is the most ancient construction of the city.

Also, you should look around the Fish Market, which is opposite Bruggen Harbour Front. There they sell the freshest fish, processed by different methods, including hot and cold smoking. Around the Fish Market and the Harbour Front there are a lot of various bars, cafes and restaurants where you can have a nice meal or just have a good time.

You can climb atop the Fløyen. From Bergen you can do it by the cable road. From the top of the Fløyen you can have a wonderful view of adjacent territory, as well as Bergen, which is at the foot of the mountain.

However, you must be aware that if you are in for beautiful fjords, you can not find them in the immediate vicinity of Bergen. You should go either to the north, Flom and Neirofjord, or to the south, Lisefjord. Nearby fjords, such as Hardangerfjord, are too wide and mountains aren’t as picturesque. So, remember that if your goal is to see the most beautiful fjords in Norway, but you don’t want to go far from Bergen, your experience won`t be complete.