Village of Geiranger in Norway

The small village of Geiranger should be considered as a starting point for short trips around the surrounding places of attraction. It is located on a steep slope of the Geirangerfjord in the mouth of a small river Geirangelva. Only 300 people live in the village, but there are quite a lot of hotels and campsites.

The first point of your travel in Geiranger should be hikes and excursions to the Geiranger fjord itself, one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. You should take a boat along the falls of the fjord. Here you can admire the very picturesque Seven Sisters waterfalls, the Bride`s Veil, the Groom and many other unnamed waterfalls.

After you have seen the surroundings of the fjord itself, you should definitely visit the viewing point on Dalsnibba mountain. It is located 20 kilometers from the village of Geiranger. The road goes along a very scenic river-bed Geirangelva to a glacial lake will Oppljosvaltnet. The ascent to the observation platform begins near check-point, which is located on the bank of lake. The mountain offers very beautiful views of the Geiranger fjord and the surrounding mountains. Don`t forget to walk along the banks of glacial lakes. Even in summer, there is snow here, and the rocks on the banks are all covered with moss.

The whole day should be planned for the trip to the Troll Road. The distance from Geiranger village to the Trollstingen (Troll Stairs) is 70 kilometers. At the village of Geiranger, you need to climb a steep serpentine. At the top of the mountain slope above Geiranger fjord will be an observation platform Road of Eagles. It offers a beautiful view of the fjord. Huge cruise liners look like small ships from here. Here you can walk along the path to the waterfall Gjerdefossen.

After that, you need to go north, take the ferry to cross one of the branches of the Stor fjord, and then the road will go through the highlands. You will see many high waterfalls, rapid streams of mountain rivers, peaks covered with snow. Nature in these places is very picturesque. Along the way, you need to plan a lot of stops to walk around the nature attractions.

The final point of the trip is the mountain serpentine Troll Stair. Additional emotions when descending or ascending The Troll Stairs are given by two powerful waterfalls, along the serpentine turns loop. On the mountain slopes, you can see some others waterfalls. The largest waterfall on the Troll Road is called Stigfossen. Its height reaches 180 meters.

An equally interesting car ride from Geiranger fjord can be taken south to the Jostedalsbreen nature reserve. It is the largest glacier in continental Europe. It is 110 km from Geiranger. The vast Justedalsbrin glacier zone covers a highland area of 400 km2. Glacier tongues descend from it in all directions. After the melting of the glacier Briksdalsbreen the most accessible for the climbing left glacier Nigardsbrin.