Geiranger Fjord is the most beautiful fjord of Norway, so, when in the country, you should go to it. The fjord is a part of larger StorFjord. Its length is about 15 kilometers, and it is just there that you can see the most wonderful landscapes of Norway.

At the ending point of the fjord, where large liners are usually anchored, there is a small village Geiranger. It is very advantageously located on uplands of the fjord, so most hotels and guest houses can offer you a splendid view of the fjord and surrounding mountains. Unless you travel by a liner, you should stay just there.

You must take a boat ride along the fjord. You can see many beautiful waterfalls, including Seven Sisters Waterfall. It is magnificent, though there are other no less beautiful waterfalls, including a huge one falling just into the waters of the fjord. In some places you can see 3-4 large waterfalls at a time – and it is very beautiful.

If you are strong enough, and want to see the beauties of the fjord not from water-side but from a high bank, you can make a trip to Seven Sisters Waterfall. It is about seven kilometers from Geiranger to the waterfall where goes a path along the left side of the fjord. The path is very tiring, but in the end you will be awarded with the most beautiful view in Norway. If Geiranger Fjord is the most picturesque fjord in Norway, then the area of Seven Sisters Waterfall (view from the left bank) is the most beautiful place of Geiranger Fjord.

Above the village Geiranger, atop Dalsnibba Mountain, there is an observation site. There snow doesn’t melt even in summer time, and water basins are covered with thick ice. However, the spot is visited by almost every tourist, as it can give panoramic views of surrounding territory.

If you travel by car, you should go to Trolstingen. For the trip it is even worth renting a car. From Geiranger to the most beautiful stretch of Trolstingen it is about 50 kilometers, but all the way you will go on the most picturesque uplands. For example, you will pass the mountains, which are even in summer covered with snow, rapid highland rivers, and a great number of waterfalls. However, the main goal of the trip is the serpentine of Trolstingen. On both sides of this serpentine there are most powerful waterfalls, so you will pass through a cloud of water spray. It is very exciting.

Also you can make a car trip to the south, to Jostedalen Glacier National Park (Jostedalsbreen), which is the largest glacier in continental Europe. At the village Olden you will have to turn south and go until the village Briksdale. It is located in the most picturesque valley, near Briksdalsbreen, the most climbable glacier. There you can just have a good time in a valley surrounded by mountains, or try and climb the glacier as it is quite possible even for the least trained people.