Nigardsbreen glacier in Norway

The most accessible glacier in Norway for short ascents is called Nigardsbrin (Nigardsbreen). On the opposite side is Briksdalsbreen. These are two tongues of the largest in continental Europe glacier Jostedalsbreen. The entire glacier area is included in the natural National Park.

The vast Jostedalsbrin glacier zone covers a highland area of 400 km2. Glacier tongues descend from it in all directions. Glacier Briksdalen descends into one valley, and a glacier Nigardsbreen in another side. After the melting Briksdalsbreen remained the most accessible glacier Nigardsbreen.

Near the glacier are located the villages of Nigar and Jostedal. There are hotel and guesthouse in the Jostedal village. The tourist center before entering the protected area is located in the village of Nigar. There you can buy a ticket and sign up for a tour to the glacier.

After the gate you have to drive along a scenic road close to the riverbed Brelivet to the lake Nigardsbreevatnet. It is located in a mountain valley, where the glacier tongue Nigardsbreen descends. Its ice has a beautiful blue color. You should definitely plan time for walking around the lake. Numerous streams of water flow down from the glacier. All this creates very picturesque landscapes for photos.

Tourists are given grapnels, shoes are put on special steel teeth, and then the group in a bundle climbs the icy slope of the glacier. This lift is available for untrained people, but even in hot weather in summer, you should wear warm clothes. Independent ascents are prohibited. On summer days, the glacier is actively melting, and large cracks are formed here. From the edge of the glacier periodically break off huge blocks, so you need to approach the glacier for photo shoots very carefully.