The Troll Stairs, sometimes also called the Troll Road – is a very beautiful mountain serpentine that descends from the highlands into a valley among waterfalls. It is located 70 kilometers North of Geiranger fjord. This road is recognized as one of the most picturesque in Norway.

The Troll road (Trollstingen) was built in the 1930s. It connects the city of Vestland and Andalsnes, which are located in valleys of different fiords and previously had no connection. However, the Troll Road has become not just a road connecting two cities, but a well-known tourist route.

From Geiranger, the road runs through a very beautiful highland, where snow lies on the mountain tops even in summer. On the upper part of the road, where serpentine begins there is an observation platform. Above the valley there are mountain peaks with the beautiful names of Bishop and King.

The Troll Ladder itself consists of 11 sharp turns of the highway with a height difference of 858 meters. The road is jammed among rocks, and in some places its width is only 3.3 meters. The road slope in some places is 9°. The road is open from the end of May until autumn. In winter, traffic on it is dangerous.

Additional emotions when descending or ascending the Troll Stairs are given by two powerful waterfalls, along the serpentine turns loop. On the mountain slopes around, you can see some more waterfalls. The largest waterfall on The Troll Ladder is called Stigfossen. Its height reaches 180 meters.