For all those who visit the fjords of Norway on the cruise ships running along the Hurtigruten - Geirangerfjord route, Dalsnibba mountain is as mandatory as the Flamsbanen (The Flam Railway) for those visiting another beautiful fjord – Neroyfjord. 

All cruise ships moor at the end of the Geirangerfjord near the village of Geiranger.

In 20 kilometers to the south of Geiranger village is located the locally highest mountain Dalsnibba (reaching the height of 1476 m). Landscapes of the serpentine leading to the Dalsnibba mountain are very beautiful and fast changing. Down at the fjord you can see some vegetation and trees, but higher you can see nothing but mosses and lichens.

Just at the ascent to the summit of Dalsnibba (where you will have to pay for the pass) at the height of about 1000 meters is the Old Stryn Road. It is there that you can admire the beautiful lakes, which are under the thick layer of ice even in July. Near these lakes you can appreciate in full the specifics of the summer holidays in Norway.

For 100 kronas you can ascend on the viewing point of the Dalsnibba Mountain. On both sides of the road you can see the snow walls of 2-3 meters high. There always many tourists on the viewing point. From the Dalsnibba you can have a view of all mountains surrounding the Geirangerfjord and the fjord itself looks like a small pool.