One of the most beautiful fjords in Norway, Neirofjord or Narrow Fjord, is a branch of the longest Norwegian fjord, Sognesfjord. Most fjords, including Sognesfjord, are very wide, so mountains are fairly remote from tourists traveling by a ship.

It is quite different with Neirofjord. It is very narrow, in places it is only 250 meters wide, and mountains are very high. And it has magnificent scenery – narrow winding fjord, high mountains and waterfalls cascading from the height of hundreds meters. You can go on Neirofjord only in a small excursion boat. They regularly run between Flom and Gudvangen.

You`d better start your tour of Neirofjord from Flom. It is a small town located at the southern border of Aurlandsfjord, which is also a branch of larger Sognesfjord. Flom is one of the most popular places visited by most tourists going to Norway. Gudvangen, located on the other side of Neirofjord, is a small village with a camping and several tiny inns.

As for Norway, Flom has a fairly good resort infrastructure. There are hotels, enough number of restaurants and nice embankment for evening promenades. It is just there that large liners are anchored, which bring tourists to the railroad.

The most famous attraction of Flom is «Flomsbahn», the railroad connecting lowland Flom Station and highland Myrdal Station. The train often goes along the edge of precipice, crosses a number of tunnels. From the window of the train you can see dozens of waterfalls and very beautiful highland landscapes. The train also makes a stop at Kjosfossen Waterfall. However, it should be noted that this railroad is mainly used by tourists traveling by liners. And from your own car, you can see much more interesting things than from the window of the train.

If you have a car, you should go from Flom to the observation deck above Aurlandsfjord. Near Flom there is the village Aurland. Having passed through the village by a narrow road, you will have to climb the mountain to see the classical Norwegian landscape – wide fjord and high mountains. Before this highland road was the only way to the village Lærdalsøyri, important ferry point to cross Sognesfjord. Several years ago these villages were connected by the world`s largest tunnel. It was 24.5 km long.