Bridge of Sighs in Venice

The Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge`s Palace to the city prison. Despite its romantic name, it doesn’t concern the sighs of sweethearts who admired sunsets from the bridge. The prisoners were led from the damp prison to the interrogation rooms at the Doge`s Palace and they sighed having seen sunlight through the carved grilles of the bridge. Here is such sad story.

However, in spite of sad stories about the sighing prisoners, the bridge itself is very beautiful. It was designed in 1602 by the architect Antoni Contino (whose uncle designed the Rialto Bridge). The Bridge of Sighs was built in the style of baroque and features beautiful carved decoration of marble.

According to the local tradition, you should kiss when passing in a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs. It is believed that this will make you love longer and stronger. Especially long line of gondolas with sweethearts is formed at the Bridge of Sighs at sunset, when kisses are supposed to have the largest effect.