A gondola ride along the narrow canals of Venice may be considered as one of the most interesting experiences of you visit to this city, and if you go there on a romantic journey with your beloved, then without a gondola ride you impression of Venice would be incomplete.

It would be best to take a gondola ride along the canals of Venice on the St. Mark`s Square. There are always moored a lot of gondolas and the routes starting on the square go through the center of Venice where the most beautiful palazzos, the Giacomo Casanova`s House, and well-known churches of Venice are located.

Gondoliers will offer you to choose one of the three possible routes. The cheapest one is about 100 euros and goes through small canals around the St. Mark`s Square. The route for 120 euros includes the ride on one of the most picturesque parts of the Grand Canal in the area of the Rialto Bridge. Probably, it is the optimal route. There is also the route for 200 euros, including a long ride along a very big number of Venetian canals and significant part of the Grand Canal.

The advantage of any ride along the canals of Venice starting at the St. Mark`s Square is that you can see the Doge`s Palace from the waterside and run under the Bridge of Sighs not forgetting to kiss in order to strengthen your love to each other.

Alternatively, you can take a gondola in some other place. Any ride on the canals of Venice can let you to feel the atmosphere of the city, but there won`t be the most famous tourist attractions of Venice.

Also it must be noted that significant number of Venetian palaces are on the Grand Canal, but it may be difficult to run on it in a gondola because of the heavy boat traffic. On the Grand Canal you should run in a big taxi boat, which is called vaporetto in Venice. From it you can photograph all the most famous palazzo, and at the same time cross the canal quickly enough.