On one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, the Grand Place, is located the Brussels Town Hall. It is built in the Flemish Gothic style. In 1402, the construction of the left wing and bell tower began. In 1444, under king Charles the Bold, the right wing was completed. The Town Hall building was not symmetrical, but very beautiful.

The Town Hall tower is the dominant feature of Brussels. It is surmounted by a five-meter weather vane in the form of a sculpture of Saint Archangel Michael, the patron Saint of Brussels. The Town Hall was built by the architects Jacob van Tinen and Jan van Ruysbroek. For a long time, the Gothic appearance of the Town Hall was simpler. During the 9-years war between France and the Augsburg League, Brussels was heavily bombarded. Most of the buildings on the Grand place were destroyed. The Town Hall survived, but was badly damaged.

The Brussels Town Hall was fully restored only in 1840. During the restoration process, the facade was richly decorated with sculptures and stone carvings. In the gallery of the Town Hall, you can see sculptures of all the Dukes of Brabant from 580 to 1564.

The Town Hall is the session place of the city Council of Brussels and the mayor of the city. However, it is open to the public with a tour. Tourists can see the beautiful interiors of the building, paintings, tapestries, sculptures, and antique furniture. You can go to the balcony of the Town Hall to admire the beauty of the Grand Place.