The Brussels city Park is located in front of the Royal Palace on the Coudenberg hill. The Central alley runs from the Royal Palace to the large fountain, where the Summer Royal Park theater is located. The length of the main alley reaches half a kilometer.

Until the 19th century, Brussels was divided into an Upper and Lower city. In the Lower town lived the lower classes, and in the Upper town was the castle of the Duke of Brabant and the houses of the nobility. On a hill in front of the castle, there was a large forest where hunting grounds were located.

As Brussels grew, the forest shrank in size. In 1731, the Duke`s castle burned down and it was not restored for a long time, since then Belgium was part of the Netherlands, and the Supreme leadership of the country was located in Amsterdam.

The Royal Palace began to be restored only in 1815, but the Brussels Park (Parc de Bruxelles) was equipped and opened to the public in 1775. It became a French Park with clear lines of alleys. If you look at it from above, the layout of the alleys looks like a compass. 

The Park is surrounded on all sides by a monumental fence. There are many sculptures on the Park`s alleys in different places. In addition to the Park theater, there is a Vauxhall summer concert hall and musical pavilions.