Most tourists go to Montenegro for relatively inexpensive holidays on the coast of Adriatic Sea. All resort towns are around Budva Riviera. Most beaches are sandy there, and not shingly or even stone as in Croatia, so in this respect Montenegro is clearly superior to its northern neighbor.

Budva is the larger seaside resort of Montenegro. It is reputed as youth resort, even though all categories of tourists go there, those who prefer to lie on the beach and those who are interested in different excursions, as well as those who like active night life. However, you must admit that night merrymakers will be more comfortable in Budva. If you want quiet holidays, go to the other towns of Riviera, say, to Petrovats (if you have children), or St. Stefan (most expensive resort in Montenegro).

Budva has a good sand beach. There is a wide embankment going along the beach, which is crowded in all times of the day. At daytime there are a lot of bathers on the waterfront, and at night it is swarmed with clubbies and simple walkers. There are several club bars in the beach zone, which gather a lot of young people dancing until the dawn. All bars are open-air, so music is very loud in the beach zone of Budva

You can judge the night life of Budva by numerous billboards posted all over the coast. Daily, this or that fashionable D.J. makes a performance in the club. And every day at the en-trances of beach clubs you can see announcements of another tequila party, which will take place «today evening».

There is a large wasteland between the beach and the town properly, which is as yet hasn’t been developed. And all residential buildings of Budva, including hotels, are located along the main highway. And from one hand, it is good that hotels are far from noisy night clubs and discos, which would make it difficult for you to fall asleep, but at the same time their closeness to the animated highway isn’t also the best variant. In other words, tourist infrastructure of Budva has yet to be developed.

Budva has an interesting Old Town enclosed with walls, however, if you are in for history and medieval architecture, you should go to Kotor, or better to Croatian Dubrovnik. You can look around the Old Town of Budva for one or two hours. There are several churches, as wells as the Citadel (fortress), from which roof you can have a wonderful panorama of Budva harbour.

When in Budva you should take a pleasure boat and go to St. Nicolas Island, which is just opposite the center of Budva. Some tourists go to the island early in the morning and spend there half a day bathing and browning on one of its three sand beaches.