Lake Skadar in Montenegro

Lake Skadar is one of the largest lakes on the Balkan Peninsula and the one of the most curious national parks in Montenegro. Two thirds of the Lake Skadar is on the territory of Montenegro and only one third – in Albania.

Lake Skadar is near a busy highway connecting the Adriatic Coast, the capital of Montenegro Podgorica and the north of the country. Virpazar, the largest township on the Lake Skadar, is along this road. It is only 25 km from the popular coastal resort Petrovats, and 45 km – from Budva. So, you could easily come to Lake Skadar by taxi, but you`d better make it your first stop in an independent trip to the north of Montenegro, to the Durmitor National Park or the Tara River Canyon.

You can come to Lake Skadar either with a guided tour or by yourself. In Virpazar you can rent a boat on the shore of the lake, and the boater will take you to the most beautiful places of the lake, as well as to the islands where there were built picturesque churches and even monasteries.

One of the primary aims of most tours is to see various kinds of birds. There are a great number of birds on the Lake Skadar. There are a lot of vegetation and hence feed for birds on the swampy shores of the lake. During excursions you can watch not only small birds but also rare kinds of shags and herons.