Tara river canyon stretches for several dozens kilometers to south-east of Zablic. With the height of 1300 meters, it is the deepest canyon in Europe and second-deep canyon in the world after the Colorado river Canyon.

The scenery of this canyon is just splendid. If you go there with a bus excursion, you can see only a small part of its beauties during several short stops. So, it would be much better to rent a car and go there alone. Then you would like to make stops every hundred meters to take shots of these wonderful views.

Tara is considered to be one of the purest rivers on the territory of Europe. You can drink its water everywhere in the range of some dozens of kilometers. Alternatively, to see the beauties of canyon you can buy a rafting excursion. One-day rafting excursion lasts for about 4 hours starting in Montenegro and ending on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rapids aren’t difficult there. So, even teenagers can go. Actually, you will just drift down the river and enjoy the views of canyon (anyway it is better than to peep out from the window of a bus).