Church of Nydeggkirche in Bern

Church of Nydeggkirche located on the most Eastern tip of the Peninsula in a bend of the Aare river. On this site, the founder of the town, Duke Berthold V of Zehringen in 1191 built a small castle Nydegg with two fortress towers.

After the death of Berthold V, his line was suppressed, and Bern was declared an Imperial town. The inhabitants did not consider it necessary to have a Ducal residence in the town and destroyed it in 1270. The small Church of St. Mary Magdalene was built in 1341 on the Foundation of the castle. Where the spire of the Church now stands was the high donjon tower of the Ducal castle, but the bell tower of the Church was built only in 1480, when the Nydeggkirche Church was expanded.

In 1493, another nave of the Church was built, and in general, the building acquired Gothic features that have preserved to this day. During the reformation of 1529, the premises of the Nydeggkirche Church began to be used as a warehouse for grain, barrels and wood. However, in 1566, it was returned to the Church, and now services are held here.

In 1857, the Stettbrunnen spring was built in stone in the churchyard. It is one of the oldest preserved sources in Bern from the 14th century. In 1968, a monument was erected in the courtyard of the Nydeggkirche Church to the town`s founder, Berthold V Duke of Zehringen.