Galleries in Bern

The galleries of Bern are a landmark of the city. Many streets and alleys in the Old Town of Bern are lined with long galleries. The streets of Alterbern are quite narrow, now there are trams, and used to be full by carts. The inhabitants of the town could walk along long galleries passing under the arches of houses.

The Central street of the Old Town runs from the station to the bridge Nydeggbrucke. There are the Prison tower and the Clock tower Zytglogge. On four different section, it is called Spitalgasse, Marktgasse, Kramgasse and Gerechtigkeitsgasse. On both sides of this street are galleries with shops. The length of this gallery can compete with the famous galleries of Bologna.

In the surrounding streets and alleys, almost all the houses are also equipped with galleries. They are not continuous and most of them do not have shops like on the main street, but they are very convenient to walk along.